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Mr Doctor Rap Artist

Mr Doctor

Sacramento Mr Doctor debuted in 1995 on Black Market Records with Setripin Bloccstyle, produced by Brotha Lynch Hung and featuring him on 4 songs. It sold over 100,000 copies. He was arrested for murder in 1996 but was bailed out by Black Market Records in 1999. In 1999 Mr Doctor returned with Bombay, it sold over 40,000 copies. Mr Doctor said "I felt like my lyrics had gotten better. Bombay was an album of celebration for me. Also, the subject matter was a lot better just because I was writing about more than just what happens in the Garden Block"
dissing C-Bo who dissed Mr Doctor on the track Ride with Celly Cel. Mr Doctor said this in an interview "fuck C-Bo. That mutherfucker is fake. That mutherfucka ain't a gangsta. I heard he had gotted me and Lynch on Celly Cel's record. There are 2 mistakes that C-Bo is makin right there, number one, he is playing games with me. Number two, he is gonna end his rap career fuckin with me, cause the nigga really can't outrap me and he damn sure can't outrap Lynch". In 2000 he returned with his group Odysea on his record label Odysea Records. Odysea are Mr. Doctor, Foe Loco, Babe Reg, and Tre Eight. He released Mr Doctor presents Odysea. In 2001 he released Doc Holiday.

2001 -Mr Doctor - Doc Holiday

2000 - Mr Doctor presents Odysea
01. In Tha Trunk
02. Everywhere I Go
03. Instinct
04. Fuckin' Up
05. Controversy
06. Odysea Tha Gang
07. On Point (Loco Side 2)
08. Odysea on Greyhound
09. My Roots
10. Mo' Money
11. What Would You Do?
12. Callin' Home
13. I Apologize
14. Still in Tha Trunk
15. Feels So Good
16. Can't Stop Lovin' Me
17. It's Like That
18. Odysea Out

1999 - Mr Doctor - Bombay

01. Bombay
02. You and I Know
03. Recruitin'
04. What Ya Wanna Do (Sumpthin' Ya Odysea)
05. Gorilla Pimpin'
06. Total Lockdown
07. Here But I'm Gone
08. Mixx & Company
09. Tha Real in My Life
10. To Vegas
11. Anybody
12. Tha Way I Loc
13. Tha Heat
14. Joyride
15. Send Me an Angel
16. Live Then We Live
17. Tha World Keeps Spinnin'

1995 - Mr Doctor - Setripin' Bloccstyle

01. Setripn'
02. Bloccstyle feat Brotha Lynch Hung
03. Plot Murder
04. Fill 'Em Up
05. Fucc Yo Side ft Brotha Lynch Hung
06. Rollin' Wit GBC
07. It's All Da Way On
08. Killa Cap Pilla
09. No Bitch
10. Misty Blue Tribute
11. 40 Oz & Chronic Dice ft Brotha Lynch Hung, Foe Loco
12. She Fucc Everybody
13. Treat 'Em Like Hoez
14. Da Real Deal ft Brotha Lynch Hung
15. Largest Way 2 Represent ft DJKat, Loki
16. 5000 "C'z"

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